Classical Education

What is Classical Education?

The classical approach teaches students how to think rather than merely what to think. Our goal is to form within students a “sacramental imagination” that leads them to the Truth in wonder, humility, and a deep respect for the human person, created in the image and likeness of God.


In K-5, our methods are holistic, appealing to all types of learners; kinesthetic, visual, writing/reading and auditory.

Logic and Rhetoric

As students grow into the logic and rhetoric stages (middle school and high school), our methods focus more on writing, discussions and debates to encourage higher levels of thinking.

Classical Learning

St. Andrew School is a classical and Catholic school. Our twin commitments to classical learning and to Catholicism play equal roles in our formulation of mission, programs, and policies.


Want more resources and perspectives on classical education? See the links below! Some of these materials may not perfectly reflect St. Andrew’s mission, but can serve as guides in our pursuit of a deeply Catholic and classical education.