Board of Directors

Our Board:

The St. Andrew Board, which also serves as the corporation’s Board of Directors, consists of directors who are elected by a majority vote of the remaining directors. The term of office for each director is three years with term limits according to the bylaws. The current St. Andrew Board members are:

Joe Havens


John Ramirez

Vice President

John Paul Poelman


Andy White


Victoria Cech

Carol Kolar

Katherine Linton

Kevin Molm

Gabe Nistler

Frank Olmes

John Simkins

Chris Szpilka

Mike Van Diest


The annual meeting of the Board to elect directors and officers is held over the summer months.

Regular meetings are normally the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at St. Andrew School. Executive sessions of regular meetings are closed to the public. The meeting time and place are subject to change at the discretion of the Board. All regular meetings are open to the public, but may be followed by a closed executive session as necessary. Minutes of regular meetings are available upon request to the Board Secretary at

The President shall prepare a preliminary agenda three days in advance of the meeting. Board members, through the President, may place any item of business on the agenda. In order for a person to speak at a Board meeting, s/he must contact the President seven days before a meeting and state their topic. It will be placed on the agenda at the discretion of the President and Vice-President with an allotted time (not to exceed 5 minutes) to be given that person. The Board will not normally deliberate or comment on the matter until they have had time to review the topic.

Board Newsletters & Meeting Notes